Uncommon names reflect their unique origins

By Laura Maurer, staff writer

Do you think your name is unique? According to some students at Boulder High School, these two names are some of the more uncommon ones that they have come across.

The first is Starsong Brittain, a staff writer for The Owl and People editor for the Odaroloc. Brittain is a sophomore at Boulder High who has grown up in Boulder her whole life. Her parents thought of her name before she was born when it came to her father in a dream. Starsong’s dad, Howard, is a traditional Native American and had an epiphany one night before she was born that she should be named Starsong if she was a girl or Soulguard if she was a boy.

Although there may be some downsides to having such an uncommon name, Starsong said that she enjoys having her name because that way everyone knows who she is and it is also a great conversation starter.

Another rare name is Wojtek (short for Wojciech) Owczarek. He is a senior at Boulder High who was born in Poland and lived there until he was 12 years old. According to Wojtek, it is a traditional and fairly common name in Poland dating back to the seventh century, and his parents specifically chose his name after his great-grandfather on his dad’s side. The name itself means “someone who takes happiness in war/fighting” or “someone who brings pride through his deeds in war,” and his last name can literally be translated into English as “shepherd.”

Asked if it is fun having his name, Owczarek said, “Yeah, it’s fun as long as people learn how to say it within a reasonable amount of time. I don’t even expect them to know how to say my last name. Also, once I learned to fully speak English without an accent, people started to assume that I am an American with some really bizarre, creative parents.”

Although these names may seem uncommon to many, they are clearly meaningful and inspiring to those who own them.

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