Review: ‘Tourist’ takes viewers on wild ride

By Tessa Sadighi, staff writer

With stars Johnny Dep and Angelina Jolie, The Tourist had quite a buzz surrounding it before it was released in early December. The story revolves around American tourist Frank Tulepo (Dep), who goes to Italy to recover from a broken heart. While on a train heading to Venice, he runs in to the beautiful Elise (Jolie). The series of events that follows ties Frank up into an astonishing mystery regarding Alexander, who is Elise’s true love. The story takes the viewer on a thrill ride through the streets and canals of Venice.

In my opinion, this film was very well done with all that a movie needs. It has just the right amount of romance as well as being packed full of adventure. From the very start, moviegoers get pulled into the story of Frank and his normal vacation that ends up being one of his most unforgettable journeys. I personally loved the movie. Through out, I was constantly trying to guess what would happen in the end.

Even though I did love this movie, it dropped off a little. It became too predictable as it got closer to the conclusion. It seemed like the director tried to rush it a little too much. Squeezing too much into the end of the movie took away from the amazing build up that the rest of it created.

So despite it seeming a little rushed in the end, this movie was still worth the time and money. I loved almost every minute of it. Packed with action, adventure and just enough romance to make it interesting, this movie is worth the time.


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