Review: Best Picture honor should go to a ‘Fighter’ when Oscars are handed out Sunday night

By Cory Waltrip, features editor

From a low-budget, no-name film (“Winter’s Bone”) to an animated kids movie (“Toy Story 3”), this year’s Oscar picks include it all. In the second year in a row that the Academy picked 10 movies for Best Picture, this year most of the movies deserve to be nominated.

My top three movies are “127 Hours,” “The Social Network” and “The Fighter.” In an earlier review of “127 Hours,” I talked about how it appeals to all of the viewer’s senses and makes one feel the pinnacle and the great depth of the human emotions. “The Social Network” is a movie that really defines our generation and it gives youth some perspective on how this superpower Web site Facebook was created. The strength of the acting, especially by Jesse Eisenberg, is remarkable. The dialogue is extremely engaging, and the movie is superbly well written. With that said, however, my pick for Best Picture is “The Fighter.”

I believe “The Fighter” is the best movie of 2010 because of the tremendous story line, amazing acting and the unprecedented way of filming the fight scenes. I’ve never felt so enveloped in a movie than when I was watching Micky Ward in the ring. That is the heart of the movie, and everything else radiates out from it. Christian Bale plays an amazing role as Micky’s crack-addicted brother, Dicky. He accomplishes a complete 360 from beginning to end, and it is beautiful to watch.

Mark Wahlberg fought for years to get this movie made, but in that battle he never lost sight of what the movie needed to be about, the heart of a hardscrabble Boston kid who was looked over so many times. This movie has been looked over many times as well, but tomorrow night it deserves to be recognized for what it is, the best movie of 2010. “The Fighter” is tough to watch at times, brilliant to watch at times and always makes viewers want to jump in the ring as soon as they leave the theater.

The best boxing movie ever made deserves no less than to be recognized as the best.

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