Bagli prepares to take her acting, singing talents to the next level after graduation in May

By Jordan Hohlfelder, news editor

Senior Alison Bagli performs as Olive in the 25th-Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee for the Colorado All-State show. Bagli performed with fellow BHS senior Brian Flores in the show and toured around the state. (Photo courtesy of Alison Bagli)

The ultimate goal for an actor or actress is Broadway, to perform in front of thousands of people and do something that they love. This is the dream of senior Alison Bagli, and she is well on her way.

Bagli, who starred as Meredith Parker in the BHS production of Batboy, began her acting career at the tender age of nine years old by participating in Seussical the Musical at a local summer acting camp.

“I have always wanted to be an actress. No, actually I wanted to be a nurse in kindergarten because my sister wanted to be a nurse. But as soon as I started making choices for myself, I wanted to be an actress,” Bagli said.

By going to her grandpa Baba’s house every Sunday and singing around the piano, Bagli was exposed to musical theater. She participated in Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kings for one summer and was disappointed. In sixth grade she tried out for the play Annie.

The audition went poorly at first (which included running off the stage and crying in the bathroom) and ended in her getting the lead role of Annie. That same year she discovered Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp, which “changed her life.” The number of friends she made was countless, and their shared affinity for acting brought them even closer.

For the first play she participated in, she contributed to the tech crew and had a small part in the second play. For Into the Woods, she decided to try out for a more important role.

“There was a little girl in the story, and I was a little girl,” Bagli explained.

However, seniority plays a large role in who does and does not get a specific part, and as a freshman, Bagli was up against a junior.

“I’ve gotten very discouraged before but never wanted to give up,” Bagli said.

But Bagli proved to herself that she was capable of beating out the best; she got the part of Little Red.

Since being as Boulder High, Bagli said her acting has developed greatly.

“I”m a better actor, but I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve grown up,” she said.

Throughout all of the shows Bagli has performed in, the majority are full of fond memories and happiness. However, the embarrassing moments do occur as with any normal person.

“During Into the Woods, I was walking on stage and completely wiped out on a set piece. The lights came up while I was still on the ground. I was supposed to be this super sarcastic, caustic character who never really smiled, and I just laughed through the whole scene,” Bagli recalled.

Her fellow actors also see the qualities in Bagli that make her the actress that she is.

“She has something very unique about her. Her voice is ridiculous, and the way she carries herself makes her a fun person to be with on stage,” said senior Jordan Ford, who played Dr. Parker (her husband) in Batboy this year.

Yet, with all of the experience she has behind her, her career blossomed when she joined Broadway in Boulder run by Angela and David Ayers.

“They are the two people who have profoundly changed me in my theater life,” Bagli said.

Having been with them for four years, she now feels prepared to take on college auditions and rigorous music programs.

The future is a subject that is still up in the air, but Bagli has goals set for herself.

“I’ll get a BFA in musical theatre from some school, and then I hope to get on Broadway. I just want to be a professional actress,” she said.

As her career progresses, one thing will never change within Bagli: she will forever retain the love that she has for every show she performs in, every song she sings and every friend she makes along the way.

“When you have such a strong passion as I do, you don’t really ever even think of giving up. I’m sure I’ll consider it one day, but for now I’m a dreamer,” Bagli said.

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