Boys swim team dives into a new season

By Joey Danaher, staff writer

Members of the boys swim team skull at the North Boulder Recreation Center during their practice on April 6. Skulling is a drill to practice arm movement in the water and to focus solely on arm power. (Photo by Joey Danaher)

As this year’s swim season gets underway, the Panthers plan to make a big splash. Twenty-five boys make up this year’s team, and they’re getting into the thick of the season with five meets under their belts.

The members of the team are ready for the competition, and they are thrilled to be part of this season’s team.

“I’m excited. We have a well rounded team, and it is going to be a good season,” sophomore Geoffrey Longhurst said.  

This “well rounded” team is made up of various skill levels and ages; some live and breathe swimming while others do it on the side. The seniors have the most members but not by many.

On the more intense side of the spectrum, the seniors are ready to dominate. They have high hopes and a very competitive spirit according to senior Rin Isobe.

“I plan to break the breast stroke record eight times,” Isobe said.

Last year, the boy’s swim team dominated Fairview, and this year they are planning on doing it once again.

“We dive in hard and come out wet. Fairview has no chance against Boulder’s elite team,” Isobe predicted.

The boys first meet was against Legacy and Regis where they took second place behind Regis. Their second meet was against Fossil Ridge; unfortunately, the Saber Cats pulled ahead. Next was the Coach’s Invite meet. To go to this meet, a swimmer had to achieve certain times, and it is a very competitive meet.

“It is a very fast meet,” Isobe said.

Finally, the boys competed against Monarch, taking first place. The lack of divers on the Monarch team was the extra push of points needed to bring Boulder to the top and secure the win. The boys most recent dual meet was supposed to be between the Panthers and the Fort Collins Lambkins, but the meet didn’t happen because of conflicting schedules.

The boys swim against Fairview today at 4 p.m. at the North Boulder Recreation Center.

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