Medina reaches out to elementary students by teaching cheerleading through Dreamer’s Program

By Quetzani Montano-Sevilla, staff writer

Senior Nayeli Medina is one of four senior leaders on the cheers team. Medina is also a volunteer coach for the Dreamer’s Program and an editor on the yearbook staff. (Photo by Quetzani Montano-Sevilla)

Between schoolwork and sports, there is not much time for anything else, especially if you are on the cheer team, whose season practically lasts the whole year.

However, senior leader Nayeli Medina is able to find time for working at Burger King and an after school project that works with kids. The project is called The Dreamer’s Program.

The Dreamer’s Program is comprised of students from CU and high school students. The program was created to help elementary students from low-income families become successful in school and stay active in sports that they love. 

Medina, along with two other teammates, dedicates her time after school on Wednesdays to coach a group of kids at Columbine Elementary. There, she teaches the kids the power of respect and the basics to cheerleading.

“I love the sport. I had the same dream as a child to be a cheerleader, and to be able to help other kids achieve their dreams is the reason I’m there,” Medina said.

Medina, who has been on the Boulder High cheer team for three years now, also hopes that her leadership and devotion to the sport will bring huge success at the state competition on Friday.

“I’m really excited because I didn’t get to compete last year due to a concussion, and it’s also a good team-bonding experience,” Medina said.

After high school, Medina hopes to go to school close to home and continue to participate in cheers in college. She is currently training for the CU Boulder cheer team.

“I believe staying active and practicing what I love will open many doors,” said Medina, who is also a section editor on the yearbook staff.

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