Review: Chipotle edges Qdoba and Illegal Pete’s as Boulder’s best burritos

By Loic Guegan, staff writer

In Boulder, there are three restaurants that dominate in the burrito category but only one that can be named the best. At Boulder High, many students fall victim to location because Illegal Pete’s is the only burrito place within walking distance of Boulder High. Even though it’s the closest, it may not necessarily be the best.

One advantage of Illegal Pete’s is that Boulder High students can walk there during lunch, as well as use the well known Panther Card to get a burrito at the low price of $6. The convenient location on Pearl Street and low pricing always have the place packed around lunchtime. 

For people who like to look at the money aspect, that also makes Illegal Pete’s the cheapest out of the three. But in my opinion, Illegal Pete’s comes nowhere near competing with the other two. That doesn’t mean I won’t go there during school, but if I had the choice, I would definitely choose Qdoba or Chipotle over Illegal Pete’s.

Second on my list is the chain Qdoba, which is always solid. Qdoba has two restaurants in Boulder, featuring one on the Hill at CU, as well as one located near the Twenty-Ninth Street Mall. What raises Qdoba over Illegal Pete’s is its excellent three cheese queso, which adds loads of flavor to its burritos. Qdoba is also a very cheap meal just like Illegal Pete’s. Still, Qdoba can’t even come close to the burrito legend Chipotle.

Chipotle also features two locations in Boulder, with one on Twenty-Ninth Street Mall and one located on Pearl Street. Chipotle’s burritos are consistently superb and are extremely filling, and they also cost less than $10. Chipotle fits right in with the Boulder atmosphere because of its “Food with Integrity” campaign. Now, it may not matter as much to me as it does to other people, but when I actually go to get a burrito, it’s always nice to know they are making good food responsibly.

The deciding factor in my quest for Boulder’s best burrito is the chicken. I’m a chicken sort of a guy, and Chipotle by far has the best chicken. For this reason, Chipotle is my No. 1 burrito choice.

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