From its high costs to creative theme, this weekend’s prom is a production for those who plan, attend it

By Joey Danaher, assistant editor & Eliot Meade, staff writer 

For the past month, the halls of Boulder High have been filled with the chatter of the long-awaited prom. For some, the talk is pure excitement, but for others it is merely a stressful event to tolerate.  The prom experience ranges from buying dresses and hoping for a date to paying $50 and oftentimes more for a luxurious mode of transportation.  No one is spared from the overwhelming expenses, drama and expectations.

Although it is overwhelming, many high schoolers look forward to it as a unique opportunity to experience a cliché movie moment.

“Prom is the closest a girl will ever get to being a princess,” senior Carly Fineman said. 

While girls are worrying about their dress, nails and hair, boys are occupied by the daunting task of asking a girl to prom in a memorable way.

“The expectations for asking a girl to prom are maddening and stressful to say the least.  Yet if you concoct a worthy plan and get a ‘yes,’ that result is very rewarding and satisfying,” junior Forrest Raup explained.

Some boys take the romantic approach while others charm their girls with a humorous proposal.

“The guy I am going to prom with overheard me joking around about prom ideas. He heard a ridiculous one and used it. I was surprised to find a plunger filled with Almond Joys in my locker. The card said, ‘I would be overflowing with joy if you came to prom with me.’ It was embarrassing but memorable,” junior Bella Spielmann said.

The less entertaining aspects of prom are the extreme expenses. A Boulder High prom ticket costs $40; in addition, many students spend large sums of money on their dresses or tuxedo rentals.

“I got the opportunity to actually design my dress. Even though it got a little pricey, it was a cool thing to get to do. I will probably wear the dress again many times in the future,” senior Talia Taxman said.

Adding to the bill, many students go out to dinner and rent a limo. This year, students are paying up to $70 per person for a fancy way around town.

“You have to book a limo really early to get a good deal; otherwise, the rates go up really fast. It’s also hard because you have to make sure the limo service isn’t a scam,” senior Briana Bordasch explained.

On a positive note, members of this year’s student council are feeling very optimistic about the dance’s theme and decorations. After an initial set back due to Fairview using the theme (Boulder High was hoping to use Titanic) student council brainstormed a new and original idea: Prom Apocalypse. With the theme settled, student council focused its attention on all the other important details. Every year, student council looks to find a unique source of music, usually a DJ or a band. In the past years, Boulder High has had the privilege of booking bands such as The Fray, 3oh!3 and a Michael Jackson cover band. This year, students will be dancing the night away while listening to DJ, Sounds of the Rockies.

“We put in a lot of work into getting a DJ that most people would like. It is hard to get music that everyone can enjoy listening to,” said student council member Maura Gillespie, a junior.

While prom is directed at upperclassmen, underclassmen get caught up in the whirlwind of prom as well, either through getting asked or the massive number of prom pictures on the Internet.

“The day after prom, Facebook is always filled with posts and pictures about the night. You don’t even have to be there to feel like you were there,” sophomore Mallory Craft said.

With so much build up, this weekend’s prom is sure to be an event filled with memories and excitement.

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