Members of the class of 2012 excited to see what awaits them after graduation

By Chandler Baker, staff writer

As the class of 2014 moved their tassels from the right to the left last Saturday, the seniors prepared for one of the most drastic changes of their lives.

“Graduating high school is one of the biggest changes I’ll ever go through. I am ready to move on to the next chapter of my life,” senior Kamina Gates said.

As the graduates left Recht Field on Saturday, they embarked on various paths and various different futures that will carry them across the world.

Gates, for example, is going to Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Gates plans on majoring in English literature and to get a double minor in history and communications.

“I am so excited to leave and get out of here,” Gates said.

Other students, such as Tyler Graham and Mack Felkley, are choosing to pursue their love of sports in college.

“I am going to Front Range for two semesters, and then I am going to transfer to a big pole vault school. I haven’t decided which one yet,” Felkley said.

Felkley finished third in the 5A 2012 track and field state championships.

Graham is attending DePaul University on a Division I scholarship for volleyball.

“I persevered all throughout high school, and I am excited to get outside of the Boulder Bubble. I am most excited to live in Chicago,” Graham said.

It seems that all of the graduates, regardless of their paths, were all excited to leave Boulder High, but many are still reminiscing about how much fun they had in high school.

“High school taught me a lot of things. I made friends that I am going to have the rest of my life. It’s definately not a part in your life that you forget,” Gates said.

Felkley said that what he is going to miss most about high school is his senior prom.

“Senior prom with my girlfriend Delaney was one of my favorite events in high school for sure. We had so much fun, and I am sad that I am never going to get a night like that again,” Felkley said.

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