As Bolder Boulder footrace draws near, BHS students gear up for annual Memorial Day experience

By Chandler Baker, staff writer

It’s that time of the year when everyone starts trading in their boots for sandals, long sleeves for short sleeves and jeans for running shorts. The 34th-annual Bolder Boulder race is coming up on Monday, and people all over Boulder are getting excited.

“I got my package today! For all the years I have lived in Boulder, I have never done the Bolder Boulder. This is my first year, and I am really excited,” sophomore Maya Gilady said.

Aside from celebrating our veterans, roughly 54,000 people will be walking, jogging, running or wheel chairing in one of the most prestigious races in Colorado, the 10-kilometer Bolder Boulder, one of the largest road races in the United States. 

All participants are timed, and the race begins with the pro-wheel chair wave at 6:55 a.m. followed shortly after by the “A” wave at 7 a.m. The rest of the participants in the 87 other waves begin at 9:30 a.m. The race elongates until 11:30 when the professional men and women race before the Memorial Day Tribute that kicks off at noon.

Starting at 30th and Walnut, the racers will make their way all the way to the floor of University of Colorado’s Folsom Field Stadium.

“I like to jog/walk it every year. It creates more of an experience than a competition. The race is all about having fun, and that is what I plan to do,” sophomore Aidenn Vaillancourt said.

This year’s slogan “It’s not about the time you run, it’s about the time you have” contributes to the thoughts of many others such as Vaillancourt.

With many fans cheering at the finish line, the 75 companies sponsoring the Bolder Boulder provide each runner with free snacks to munch on while they watch the remainder of the ceremony.

“The Bolder Boulder is a fantastic race, and even though I never run in it I love to watch from the sidelines. My friends and I always ride our bikes and watch the runners go by. Everyone is always so happy; it brightens up the already cheerful holiday!” freshman Mariah Alexander explained.

Those who want to get involved but not run the race can be one of the thousands of volunteers who makes the race so smoothly every year. Along with the satisfaction of helping, all volunteers will also receive a “roadie” T-shirt.

Those interested in running the race or being a volunteer can visit the official race Web site at

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