Boulder High students’ 2012 summer plans will take them across the world, keep them stuck at home

By Joey Danaher, assistant editor & Eliot Meade, staff writer

Juniors Madison Lohmann, Eliot Meade, Joey Danaher and Kate Fitzgerrell sit on a sand dune on their road trip to New Mexico during the summer of 2011. The girls stopped at the Great Sand Dunes in Mosca, Colorado, as a fun day trip. (Photo by Mitra Ghaffari)

As the school year winds down, many Boulder High students look forward to a variety of experiences both local and foreign. Some students’ summer plans include traveling to amazing exotic locations. Many Boulder High School students are volunteering with programs such as Amigos or Walking Tree Travel to explore South America and other worldwide locations.

“Last summer I went on a Walking Tree trip. The best part was meeting new people and how scary it was, but we soon turned into this amazingly close family. They knew more about me than anyone,” said 2012 Boulder High graduate Kirby Dyrendahl.

Junior Isabella Speilmann plans to spend a month this summer working in a children’s hospital in Cambodia. Speilmann will be living with another junior from Fairview High School.

“I’m kind of nervous, but overall I’m really excited. It will defiantly be an experience that I will never forget,” Speilmann said.

In addition, junior Nick Vann will be traveling throughout Africa for a month this summer, expanding his worldviews as well as exploring the wild life on a safari.

Junior Tyne Henderson will spend six weeks in Germany and the surrounding countries. Henderson is traveling to visit her extended family that lives in Germany; Henderson looks forward to seeing the many tourist attractions that Europe offers.

On the other hand, many Boulder High students are spending their summer in Boulder. Lots of students enjoy spending their summer in their hometown, relaxing at Scott Carpenter pool, going to the Outdoor Cinema, spending time at Water World or perhaps working a summer job.

“I actually wouldn’t mind being in Boulder all summer, but I do have vacations and trips planned,” junior Nina Janjic said.

Molly Moran, in addition to attending a journalism camp in July, plans to enjoy the outdoors around Boulder.

“I’m staying in Boulder for most of the summer, and I enjoy spending my summer hiking on the local trails and going to the res,” Moran said.

Others will be tied to their summer jobs.

“I’ll continue working in Boulder. I love barista-ing, and I want to save up money this summer so that I can travel after high school,” said Peet’s coffee employee Freddie Kolwey, a junior.

While Boulder has its perks, in the summer some high-school students find it boring to be at home all summer.

“I don’t like being here all summer because all my friends leave and it feels like I am the only person still in town,” junior Sammy Greenwald said.

Other students spend their summer improving their academics and working toward their future goals. Junior Kate Fitzgerald has been doing art for as long as she can remember and hopes to include art in her future career. She is spending a month in California at an art school. In addition, junior Zoe Robb has a passion for singing and music. This summer Robb will spend five weeks at a music camp in Boston. This will help her work towards her goal of becoming a professional musician.

“I’m excited to be surrounded by people who love music and want to create music too. Also, I look forward to being in the city, compared to Boulder,” Robb said.

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