Students find that balancing school, activities, work can be liberating

By Joey Danaher, assistant editor

High-school students are not only occupied by classes and sports; many are busy working jobs in their free time. While teenagers’ reasons to work vary from supporting their family to having spending money, the challenge of balancing time is universal.

“Working can be hard sometimes, but it’s just the same as like doing a sport. You just have to make sure the time you’re putting into one thing doesn’t overpower the other,” junior Rebecca Humphrey said. 

Humphrey has been working at Pasta Jay’s for over a year and usually works a couple nights a week.

Like anything else, it is easier to do something when you have a clear goal in mind.

“I used to always hate going into work, but once I had a reason and something to save my money for, I gained a lot of motivation, and it was nice to know that it would pay off. When I finally had enough saved and bought my Jeep, it felt awesome. It’s such a good feeling to know that I could accomplish something like that,” junior Betty Estrada said.

Estrada has been working multiple jobs this school year, both on the weekends and after school.

“It was difficult to juggle doing homework and studying for tests while having work and sports to do,” junior Madilin Gates said.

Gates has been balancing varsity basketball and working at a restaurant since her sophomore year.

As students get closer to adulthood, their responsibilities begin to branch out beyond schoolwork. Many struggle, but many find the opportunity liberating.

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