The Owl, Boulder High School’s student newspaper, is perhaps the oldest scholastic newspaper in Colorado. According to the 1921 edition of the Odaroloc, the school’s yearbook, the newspaper “was established in 1908, and for 10 years was put out in magazine form, but in 1919, due to increased printing costs, it was impossible to publish a magazine.” A year later, the publication first appeared in newspaper form. The newspaper was originally called The Prep Owl, reflecting Boulder High’s start in 1876 as a preparatory arm of the University of Colorado. As reported in the 1916 Odaroloc, the university’s preparatory department and the high school of the Boulder district “were united under the name of the State Preparatory School” in 1892. Boulder High School finally came into existence  in 1907 when the city of Boulder “took entire support of the school” from the university.

Over more than a century as the voice of the students and for the students at Boulder High, The Owl has undergone many changes with the growth of technology. From the early days of typesetters to the advent of desktop publishing in the 1990s to the growth of online publications today, the newspaper has continually evolved. Like its predecessor in 1919, The Owl opted to change its format in 2010 due to printing costs and district-wide budget cuts. The Owl published its final printed edition in May 2010, reorganizing itself as an online newspaper the following school year.

The Owl website will be updated continually to keep students, parents, teachers and the general public informed about the news and issues at Boulder High School and the  world at large. The Owl has come a long way since its first issue in the early 20th century, and it will continue to advance in the 21st century, remaining a vibrant news source — for the students, by the students—while serving the Boulder High School community and providing a rich learning environment for its student journalists.


Editors: Chandler Baker, Keile Kropf and Jayden Simelda-Longe

Staff Writers/Photographers: Hayleigh Criss, Zoe Dulchinos, Eris Hollingshead, Kelley McQuillen, Jacque Szarmach and Kylee Worthington

Adviser: Jeff Likes


Have a news tip? Contact The Owl staff at jeff.likes@bvsd.org  or 720-561-2336 or 1604 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO  80302.


As the student media for Boulder High School, The Owl is a designated public forum and welcomes letters to the editor and guest commentary. Letters and commentary submitted for publication must be signed and should be e-mailed to jeff.likes@bvsd.org, mailed to The Owl, Boulder High School, 1604 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO  80302 or dropped off in adviser Jeff Likes’ mailbox in the main office.

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